Transit Ridership Terms & Students Conduct

UMBC Transit has developed the following list of terms of agreement and practices for students, faculty and staff while onboard the shuttles. Failure to abide by the following terms may result in consequences as described below. If you have questions or concerns about these practices, please contact us at 410.455.2454 or

  • Physical UMBC ID must be presented at boarding (cellphone photos, pictures of ID is not acceptable form of ID)
  • Standees are permitted, except on vehicles without handrails or on the highway.
  • All passengers must be stationed behind the driver. No one is permitted to sit on the right of the driver, blocking the door or aisle.
  • No smoking, eating, drinking, littering or using alcohol while on the bus. Passengers can have their riding privileges revoked for these activities.
  • UMBC is not responsible for lost or damaged articles. Items found on the bus will be held in the Transit Office for 30 days from date found. The Transit office is located in Stadium Lot.
  • Inappropriate behavior on the buses is prohibited. The driver has authority to remove from the bus , or refer to the University Police, any passenger who persists in such behavior*
  • Inappropriate behavior is defined as any distraction that obstructs or distracts the driver from the safe operation of the vehicle
  • Except in the case of an emergency, the use of emergency exits and equipment is prohibited.
  • The driver is the final authority while onboard the vehicle and on route, that includes UMBC Charter Services